Daniel Brakke a.k.a. Vedrit

Daniel has some text about stuff he does and projects he's currently working on. He'll talk about his interests and hobbies, including chainmail and perhaps things like The False World.

Daniel loves cats and world building. He's been world building for a very long time. Maybe he'll even talk more about them! His inspiration comes from a lot of fantasy novels. He's a huge fan of dragons, and enjoys reading nice big books. The heavier the book, the better the read, right?

Khajiit like to sneak.



Claudia "Lynwen" Kam a.k.a. Lynn

Claudia has a background filled with creativity and embraces her wild imagination. She has been doing traditional art since childhood, and digital art for over a decade. She has a Diploma in 3D Modelling, and has some experience working in the animation industry, and is currently doing work for games.


Claudia's favourite animal and mythical creatures inspired the name for this business, but what makes this a "Den" is that it's a space for many people to collaborate and tell stories together.

Wolf + Dragon = Wagon